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Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Federal Crimes

The first step in mitigating your situation is learning more. Explore our FAQs for more insight into federal crimes and then call our firm, Omega Law PLLC, at Call to schedule a confidential consultation.

What is the difference between state and federal crimes?

Federal crimes are offenses against the nation and are prosecuted in federal courts. They typically involve federal crimes that cross state boundaries. Examples include counterfeiting, money laundering, large-scale drug trafficking and health care fraud.

By contrast, state crimes (e.g., robbery, assault, etc.) breach local laws and are tried in state courts. Each jurisdiction enforces its own laws and penalties.

What should I do after an arrest for a federal crime?

Immediately exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and request a lawyer. Federal charges often involve intricate legal issues and can lead to severe consequences without protection.

Remember, you have no legal obligation to answer questions and should not do so without representation.

How could a federal criminal defense lawyer help?

Hands-on familiarity with the federal justice system can turn the tide in a federal case. The Omega Law PLLC defense team has this experience, and we will also:

  • Analyze the charges and evidence for weaknesses to exploit
  • Ensure your legal rights are not suppressed or violated
  • Develop a customized and strategic defense
  • Negotiate with the prosecution when necessary for plea agreements

Our attorneys will relentlessly advocate for you in all proceedings, including pretrial hearings, trials and appeals, to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Are there any alternatives to trial or imprisonment in federal cases?

A plea bargain could result in reduced charges or penalties. Federal diversion programs address underlying issues, potentially preventing incarceration. Serving probation rather than imprisonment may also be an option.

Your lawyer can explain all alternatives, help you negotiate and ensure any proposed deals represent your best interests.

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