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Vigorous Defense Of Kentucky Residents And Visitors Charged With Sex Crimes

Virtually anyone realizes the seriousness of sex crime allegations. However, shock and denial can cause people to postpone getting legal counsel. This is a mistake. The longer you wait before getting legal representation after a sex crime investigation or arrest, the worse your situation may become. There is no substitute for a lawyer’s skillful mitigation of the damage that sex crime charges can bring to your life.

Replace fear with determination and resolve. Get Omega Law PLLC on your side if you have learned of rumors or an investigation, or even if you just suspect that sex crime allegations might come about.

We Can Get Your Sex Crime Case Started Now

At your confidential initial consultation, we will listen carefully and help you arrive at a plan of action in response to your sex crime arrest or accusations. We will consider ways to safeguard your reputation while we look into the accuser’s background when you may be charged or have been charged with a sex crime in Kentucky such as:

  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse or sexual violence against a child or someone incapable of giving consent
  • Sodomy against someone under age 12 or incapable of giving consent
  • Indecent exposure
  • Sexual violence in the form of domestic abuse
  • Production, possession or distribution of child pornography

Depending on the circumstances, the crimes listed above may be misdemeanors or felonies and the charges may occur at the state or federal level. We are versatile and determined sex crime defense lawyers who are ready to defend you.

You need aggressive representation as soon as possible in light of any such criminal allegations and we are ready to provide exactly that. An overarching goal in your case will be to prevent a conviction that could require you to list your personal information on Kentucky’s sex offender registry.

Turn To Omega Law PLLC

We are passionate about protecting our clients’ constitutional rights. Discuss your sex crime case in Kentucky with an attorney at our firm as soon as you suspect or know that a problem is developing.

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