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One-Pot Property Division Attorney

Every state handles property division in divorce differently. In Indiana, martial assets are divided according to the “one-pot” theory. This means assets acquired during the marriage and any separate property owned by each individual prior to the marriage are subject to property division proceedings.

Debts are treated in a similar manner, which means when you are going through a divorce, you could be held responsible for repaying debts your spouse acquired even prior to your marriage. While the law provides these guidelines for the division of marital assets in Indiana, the court still considers each divorcing couple’s unique circumstances.

Property may be divided in more customized ways when the court takes into account each spouse’s contributions to acquiring those assets (financially or otherwise), gifts or inheritance property, economic status, employability and conduct during divorce proceedings.

Working Through Complex Marriage Assets Toward A Favorable Resolution

Arriving at a fair and reasonable outcome in these cases can be particularly challenging, as one or both parties may feel slighted or taken advantage of by the other. At Omega Law PLLC, we work with clients throughout Southern Indiana in cases that involve splitting assets, splitting debts and otherwise finding a way for both parties to walk away financially stable.

We take a tough but fair approach to legal representation because we have seen the ways needless litigation often only makes matters worse. No matter how much you want to put issues behind you today, you will likely have to deal with your spouse for years to come because of spousal support issues, child custody and the long-term legal implications of having been married.

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