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Charged With Assault Or Another Violent Crime? Get An Attorney’s Guidance Now

Being accused of, arrested for or charged with assault or any violent crime is a serious matter. These charges often come about unexpectedly and the defendant may not realize how critical it is for them to get legal counsel right away. As with other criminal charges, the sooner you have a lawyer investigating your case, the greater chances there will be to devise an effective defense strategy.

At Omega Law PLLC, we are experienced defense lawyers who defend people charged with all types of crimes, including assault.

Examples Of Assault And Violent Crime Charges In Kentucky

A timely defense can examine questions of intent, the emotional state of the accused, identification and the possibility that self-defense was the motive. To improve your outlook after an arrest alleging assault or another violent crime such as those listed below, get a defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. We handle cases involving charges of:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Menacing
  • Wanton endangerment
  • Terroristic threats
  • Robbery
  • Unlawful imprisonment
  • Sexual assault
  • Homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

If we represent you in such a case, we may find evidence in your defense that:

  • You were acting in self-defense
  • You were in a state of extreme emotional disturbance
  • Accusers cannot identify you beyond a shadow of a doubt as the alleged offender
  • You have a solid alibi indicating that you were not present or otherwise could not have been involved in the alleged violent activity or threats

As dedicated criminal defense attorneys, we stay up to date on legislation and court precedents in Kentucky that may affect our clients’ cases. We make it a point to stay on the cutting edge, ready to defend vigorously and effectively anyone accused of assault or any violent misdemeanor or felony crime at the state or federal level.

Turn To An Experienced Northern Kentucky Lawyer For Your Defense

When you rely on Omega Law PLLC, you will work directly with an attorney, not a paralegal or other office staff. We are available to answer your questions, provide insight into the legal processes of the criminal justice system, protect your rights and be persistent in pursuit of the outcome you seek.

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