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When A Divorce Involves High-Level Conflicts

Any divorce can be complicated or become contentious but some divorces involve serious disagreements that don’t seem resolvable by any of the usual reasonable methods. When this happens, one or both parties need skilled legal representation to break through the logjams of conflict.

At Omega Law PLLC in Florence, we represent people from throughout the region in Kentucky and Southern Indiana who struggle with difficult divorces. Our clients’ peace of mind and future financial stability are priorities that we don’t let go of while helping them through high-conflict divorces.

What Is It About Your Divorce That May Make It Extra Difficult?

High-conflict elements of a divorce can be mostly emotional or they may be financial and practical in nature. One or both of you may harbor deep grudges over infidelity or deep disappointments. You may have strong disagreements over how to handle the disposition of a jointly owned business in the property division portion of a divorce.

A high-conflict divorce can be marked by any of the following:

  • One or both spouses keep fighting seemingly for the sake of fighting, not with a will to resolve important issues like property division and child custody.
  • One or both spouses have drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness or personality disorders that make it challenging to make headway in settlement negotiations.
  • Court processes become bogged down as one or both spouses repeatedly file motions without reaching necessary agreements.
  • One or both spouses get their family members overly involved in the divorce settlement process.
  • If there are children, divorcing parents sabotage each other’s efforts to keep a stable routine going for the children that includes parenting time with each parent.
  • Business valuation, a professional practice and/or investments are complex and difficult to account for.

These descriptions offer a few examples of how high-conflict divorces play out in the legal processes, but they only represent a sampling. We have seen many varieties of high-conflict divorce cases and over the years we have become skilled at helping our clients overcome inertia.

Let Us Help You Find The Way

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of family law, we are confident that we can help you get past the parts of your divorce that are the hardest to manage.

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