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When Divorce Involves A High-Value Marital Estate

Any divorce can be stressful and for people with high-dollar assets, many layers of complications bring extra concerns. High-asset divorces often include property that:

  • Is difficult to put a value on
  • Is difficult to assign to solely one spouse or the other
  • May involve other stakeholders like business partners or extended family members

If we represent you in your Kentucky divorce, we will make sure you understand the projected bottom line of your settlement at all times. We will guide you through the most expedient, yet thorough, path through negotiations, mediation or trial.

Charting Your Course For A Future You Had Not Envisioned

One thing is certain: Your financial and family circumstances are unique. You deserve honest, trustworthy legal advice as you approach the end of your marriage. You owe it to yourself to work with a lawyer who will approach your case with the seriousness it deserves.

Does any of these sound similar to the roles in your marriage?

  • Perhaps you each had a professional occupation. Your retirement accounts, personal savings, joint investments and valuable property like collectibles are extensive but not necessarily balanced between the two of you.
  • One of you may have supported the other through graduate school and/or through professional training or business development stages of your career.
  • Perhaps one of you has had a high-powered career while the other primarily took care of home, family and social matters.
  • One or both of you may have business interests as solo owners or in partnership with others. Your business partners or shareholder agreement may have an impact on how assets should be divided.

Whatever your situation, you may feel overwhelmed as you face the high-stakes, complex task of dividing assets. Our experience can help you stay on course, addressing your critical questions rationally through all phases of your Kentucky divorce.

Weighing Priorities And Understanding Legal Processes

You may wonder how to achieve equitable property division without overspending on legal fees and other expenses related to the divorce. You may also be concerned about protecting your retirement assets. Will a family law judge determine that you should pay or receive spousal support? How will you divide your assets, such as the following?

  • Real estate: Your marital home, a vacation home, timeshares, commercial properties, investment properties and/or properties still under construction
  • Vehicles: Your respective cars plus any shared trucks, vans or other vehicles, possibly a luxury family camper and/or occupational vehicles
  • Valuables such as guns, jewelry, art or unusual collectibles
  • Home furnishings and other personal property, which may have been used by the two of you together or separately
  • Bank accounts and other cash assets
  • Stocks and bonds
  • 401(k) accounts, annuities and other long-term investment accounts

As you seek to keep legal costs from taking over the discussion, we will help you weigh in the balance your goals and priorities. Deciding to keep, relinquish or divide particular assets may require the professional services of professionals like appraisers and accountants. Hunting for hidden assets may mean working with forensic accountants. With your long-term security in clear focus, we will help you move toward a reasonable outcome that preserves the soundness of your financial future as your family restructures.

Shall We Talk?

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