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A Child Custody Lawyer Serving Southern Indiana

As in most states, Indiana courts make decisions about custody based on what arrangement they believe is in the best interest of the child. The state of Indiana recently adopted new parenting time guidelines, which encourage parents to take a collaborative approach to child custody decisions.

These guidelines give families and state courts guidance for building fair, legally sound custody agreements and parenting plans. However, courts still have a great deal of discretion in these cases. It is important to work with a lawyer who knows how to represent you and help you pursue the right arrangement for your family. Omega Law PLLC is a valuable resource for parents grappling with custody negotiations or compliance.

Your Case, Your Lawyer, Your Solution

We are family law attorneys who have successfully represented many parents seeking workable parenting time agreements. We can help you through guidance and representation in:

  • Custody and parenting time negotiations
  • Family law mediation
  • Trial representation if necessary

We know how to pursue agreements that will protect your children while meeting your needs. If necessary, we will gather input from a child psychologist or other credible witnesses to prepare to argue your case in court.

At Omega Law PLLC, we help families of every shape, size and circumstance resolve matters of child custody and visitation with children’s interests and parental rights as foundational principles.

At Omega Law PLLC, we recognize that each family is unique. Child custody disputes are not limited to divorcing couples. Sometimes, unmarried parents need help determining custody and visitation after the end of their relationship. Without a divorce underway, child custody and/or paternity actions can provide parents with the legally enforceable custody orders that will ideally protect their children’s relationships with both parents.

Devise A Custody And Visitation Plan With An Attorney’s Help

Located in Florence, Kentucky, we serve people in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County and other areas of Southern Indiana as well as northern Kentucky. To learn how we can help you and your family, please reach out to us online at 812-497-4836 to arrange an initial consultation.