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How Is Child Support Calculated In Kentucky When Parenting Time Is Shared?

When parents are divorced or separated in Kentucky, child support is to be determined with the use of the Kentucky child support guidelines. These guidelines take into account each parent’s income, other child support obligations and parenting time arrangements. Typically, one parent is named as the custodial parent and the other is considered to be the noncustodial parent. Shared parenting time – that is, closer to 50-50 time sharing of parenting responsibilities – result in parenting time credits that usually result in an increase or decrease in child support payments or obligations.

Even if you and your child’s other parent intend to share parenting time equally, child support may still be required if household incomes differ significantly. For help understanding, calculating and negotiating child support, turn to Omega Law PLLC for guidance.

Child Custody And Supports Order Matter

While child support is in the process of being calculated and approved by a family law court, you as a parent have the opportunity to speak up and have your circumstances taken into account. But if your situation changes later, it is not ok to simply start paying or demanding more or less child support. You will need the approval of a family law court to get child support modified.

At Omega Law PLLC, we are dedicated, knowledgeable family law attorneys who have your best interests at heart. We work hard to help our clients understand the law and how it applies to their cases. Shared parenting time works well in many families and we are ready to support you in your quest for more time with your children. But if you hope to increase custody time for financial reasons, you should realize that family law judges prioritize a child’s best interests and your ideas may not translate to more favorable court orders for child custody and support.

Get Customized Counsel To Help You Pursue Your Custody And Child Support Goals

Devise or negotiate a shared parenting time arrangement that will work for your family. At the same time, get clear information about the impact that shared parenting time may have on child support. Let our lawyers tailor your legal services to reconcile your objectives, your budget and realistic expectations about what a court will likely approve.

Get answers and assistance as you go through a divorce, negotiate parenting time and child support in a parenting arrangement when there has been no marriage or plan for either parent’s move out of state or far from the child’s usual home. To schedule a consultation, call 859-905-0814 or send an email inquiry.