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Two Parents; Two Sources Of Care And Guidance For Children

When divorcing or separating couples share children, those children’s well-being takes on great importance in family law statutes and courts. The state of Kentucky, through the family law courts, aims to protect children’s best interests regardless of their parents’ marital status or living arrangements.

Affirming Mothers’ And Fathers’ Rights And Responsibilities

The division of parenting responsibilities that was once widely known as custody and visitation has evolved. Kentucky laws and courts now use other descriptors, such as “parenting time” and “time sharing,” to describe shared parenting between adults living separate lives.

Traditionally, laws, courts and judges in Kentucky often supported the notion that children of divorce belonged with their mothers most of the time. Times have changed, however. Families are generally smaller than before and women work outside the home in much greater numbers than ever. Fathers increasingly assert their parental rights in custody disputes.

The realities of today’s active, growing families are, therefore, increasingly acknowledged through legal decisions affecting two-household families. In 2016, laws changed to better align with today’s societal norms. Equal parenting time is now a presumption in any child custody case.

Should There Be A Deviation From 50-50 Time-Sharing In Your Family?

Naturally, circumstances may demonstrate compelling reasons to deviate from the now-normal 50-50 division of parenting time. Either parent’s work schedule, home circumstances and/or children’s school, special needs and extracurricular activities may make a different division more sensible for a particular family. At Omega Law PLLC, we stay up to date with changing trends in family law courts. Our attorneys also remain as dedicated as ever to protecting our clients’ parental rights and interests.

When we represent a father or mother in a parenting time case, we determine that person’s goals and devise strategies in support of those objectives. Discuss your case with a lawyer at our Kentucky family law firm. Let’s explore your options for safeguarding your parent-child relationships despite changes brought on by divorce or separation.

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