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Kentucky Post-Decree Enforcement And Modifications

If you have been divorced in the past – whether it was months or years ago – your divorce decree likely still plays a role in your life and your family. We help people manage existing separation agreements.

Florence Attorney Handling Custody Modifications

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the court-ordered obligations set forth in your divorce decree. In the state of Kentucky, you may modify individual sections of your separation agreement or parenting plan if you or your spouse experiences a significant change in circumstances.

Enforcement Of Support And Custody Orders

More often, one spouse needs to seek enforcement of a divorce decree when the other fails to comply with the court’s orders. Sometimes one spouse does not want to pay alimony even after it has been ordered by the court. Sometimes one parent may be late for custody exchanges in violation of custody provisions.

At Omega Law PLLC, we can help you hold your former spouse accountable to your divorce decree, which is essentially a binding contract between the two of you. Sometimes it takes a hearing before a court to make people abide by the terms of their separation agreements.

Enlisting the help of a lawyer does not necessarily mean you want to engage in a lawsuit or start a conflict; it just means that you are protecting your rights and trying to make sure the court’s wishes are followed.

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