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Get A Protective Order Or Defend Yourself From Unwarranted Accusations

Protective orders (commonly known as restraining orders) provide a means for victims of violent crimes to gain legal protection from the alleged abuser. Protective orders can be pursued by anyone, but they are typically used in situations that involve personal relationships and domestic violence.

At Omega Law PLLC, we often address domestic violence and protective orders in connection with divorces and other family law issues. We are defense attorneys as well as advocates for people experiencing disruptions in family life, such as child custody disputes. Contact us if you need a protective order or defense after being accused of violent crimes or threats at home.

Understanding Stability When You Are Worried About Your Future

Heated arguments can quickly escalate into frightening situations. At Omega Law PLLC, we are sensitive to the complex nature of these issues.

Many victims know they need protection but do not want the abuser to face legal consequences. In other cases, the alleged abuser did not physically harm the victim but was nonetheless arrested when law enforcement responded to a report of violence.

We are here for you whether you have suffered as a result of physical abuse or are struggling with the consequences of a protective order filed against you.

The Protective Order Process

There is no single approach to resolving these issues, but the law does provide some guidance. When an initial report of violence occurs, the victim may obtain an emergency protective order (EPO), which immediately grants a temporary restraining order against the alleged abuser.

The EPO only lasts for a certain number of days, until a hearing can take place to determine whether or not a long-term order, or domestic violence order (DVO), is necessary.

As with any criminal charge, false allegations do happen. Our job at Omega Law PLLC, is to protect our clients on either side of the equation to the fullest extent of the law.

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