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5 reasons why you need a DUI lawyer

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | DUI

It is almost baseball season across the river, but it can feel as if there is always some sports venue going with one activity or another. And sadly, it is quite easy to drink too much when you are at a game or event and then get behind the wheel of your car. The penalties for a DUI/DWI are severe, no matter where the charges are from. Even for your first offense, it is a good idea to speak to an attorney. Here are five reasons:

  • Your attorney knows which facts could affect your situation. It is possible that law enforcement did not follow all procedures.
  • A first-time Kentucky DUI is a misdemeanor, in most cases, but you could receive penalties to include a license suspension, jail time, fines, mandatory treatment in a substance abuse facility and community labor; it is a serious hit to your finances. In some cases, your attorney can help you argue for a better outcome.
  • The prosecutor knows how to present your case. Your advocate is there to present your case in the best way possible.
  • A DUI will affect you in other aspects of your life. It might be hard to get a job or insurance. You should explore all the outcomes before you plead guilty. Our attorney can lay out the situation and help guide you toward the right solution for your situation.
  • Your attorney is familiar with the judge and prosecutor and the legal system. By having an attorney on your side, you will not miss court dates or important filings that make the process smoother.

Second and third offenses have even larger penalties and fines. In addition, it is almost certain you will be required to install an ignition interlock device once your license is reinstated. The consequences compound once you have a DUI on your record.

Avoiding a DUI/DWI

The most practical way to avoid a DUI charge is to have a plan when you have been drinking; do not get behind the wheel when you have been partying. Instead, have a designated driver or use a cab to get home. The inconvenience of getting your car the next day is small compared to the inconveniences of being in jail, losing your license or dealing with all the consequences of a Kentucky DUI.

However, if you are ever charged with a DUI, it is best that you consider having an advocate on your side to help you find the right outcome.