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DUIs and license suspensions in Indiana

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Blog

A DUI charge is a serious accusation to face. It may be helpful to have a solid criminal defense to decrease the impact of the charges and possible conviction.

Even with a great defense, it is good to be familiar with the different aspects of a criminal charge. In particular with a DUI, there are a few facts to understand in regards to license suspensions.

Possible suspension

There are several people who underestimate their level of inebriation while under a number of chemical influences, and then, they get behind the wheel. Depending on the person’s level of intoxication in accordance with the law, he or she may face DUI charges. Indiana is an implied consent state, meaning that the driver is required to comply with a request by law enforcement to complete a sobriety test upon arrest. When the officer asks the driver to take the test, the officer must inform the driver of the consequences of non-compliance, which in part is license suspension. There are also suspension ramifications when a sobriety test reveals a blood alcohol level above the current legal limit. The suspension term may range from 180 days to two years, depending on the extent of the infraction.

Retaining the license

Even if law enforcement confiscates a driver’s license, that does not mean that the license is suspended. In cases of suspension, the driver receives paperwork that clearly states it. In that document, there should be additional information detailing what the driver must do to get the license back. One such option may be to attend a driving course and pay a fine. Another option that drivers have by law is to request a hearing. This choice is often best in instances where law enforcement did not follow the law in some manner.

By understanding key aspects of a license suspension after a DUI, parties can make the best choice for their situation. It may also be beneficial to review the DUI law in its entirety.