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Residents of Indiana resist collaborative approach in divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2016 | Child Custody

In an earlier post we wrote about the multiple options available to couples in Kentucky and Indiana seeking to end their marriage. One of the approaches we wrote about is collaborative divorce. While some couples are finding success with this method, according to recent statistics, in the state of Indiana, many people are not opting for this approach.

The reasons why someone might find collaborative divorce appealing includes the fact that both sides engage in an honest approach. In addition, because couples are often able to work together to find experts for custody matters and valuation, the amount of time necessary for discovery is usually shorter. This helps to shorten the length of time it takes to end the marriage, in some cases cutting it down to between two and four months. In turn, this can make it much less expensive than the traditional approach.

Despite these positives, there are multiple reasons why residents of Indiana might be turning away from this approach. The process frightens some clients. If parties fail to agree on even one small issue, the entire plan can be undone. In these situations it is possible a case could end up in court, after all.

As is the case in any legal matter, where divorces are concerned, it is important to get information about the big picture, before moving forward. Meeting with a knowledgeable attorney is a good way to get that information and can help to make the determination regarding the best way to proceed, clearer.