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Multiple approaches available to divorcing couples

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2016 | Child Custody

The decision to divorce is life changing for most. Just as no two marriages are the same, nor are their divorces when a marriage does not work out. Fortunately there are multiple ways in which someone can go about ending a union.

The first approach is the one that likely comes to mind for most. Considered by many to be the traditional approach, litigation is often the route utilized when the situation is adversarial. Parties could end up in court if attempts to negotiate resolutions for the matters that need to be addressed, are not reached. When this happens, a judge will make the ultimate decision regarding the matters at issue. Because that individual only knows the facts presented to him or her, ultimately, they are making their decision without knowing everything.

Collaborative divorce is an option that a couple that is able to work together might use. In this approach, by working together to resolve issues, they are able to avoid going to court. In addition to consulting with a lawyer, other neutral professionals may be consulted throughout the process as well. These professionals could include financial planners. It is usually less expensive than the traditional route. In addition, it can be much faster.

Mediation is another approach that could go faster and be less expensive than the traditional approach. Those who opt for this approach will work with a neutral third party to resolve matters such as child custody. Because fighting is not a part of this approach, it may be a good option for couples that have children and will have to work together for years to come.

Working through the various matters that need to be addressed in the course of a divorce can be trying. Determining and utilizing the best approach to get through these matters can alleviate some of the stress associated with the process. A lawyer who practices in the area of family law can be of assistance.