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In some situations custody arrangement may be modified

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2015 | Child Custody

When a Kentucky couple that has children decides to end their relationship, matters involving those children can lead to great animosity between the couple. In these situations there can be a great sense of relief when the couple gets through what could be a long and difficult process of establishing custody and child support. While it is of course important to create some stability for children regarding a living situation and secure an order regarding a child custody plan, all parties involved should be aware that under certain circumstances an order can be modified.

There are a variety of situations that could prompt a parent to seek a modification of a parenting plan. Sometimes a modification could arise because a parent is moving. Other times it could be due to problematic behaviors the other parent is engaging in. Whatever the reason the modification is sought, the key to success is demonstrating that that one of the parents has experienced a significant change in circumstances.

The process of securing a modification to a parenting plan can be as stressful as the creation of the original plan. This is particularly true when the other parent does not the plan to be modified. Because of this it is just as important in a modification situation as when the original plan was crated, to have a lawyer who handles family law matters such as custody, on your side to protect your rights.

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