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When can I remarry after my divorce in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Divorce

Just as the divorce process varies from state to state, so do the rules about remarrying. In general, Indiana’s state laws enforce no waiting period before you can remarry after a divorce.

You should be able to remarry right after the court issues a divorce decree. However, it can only apply if both parties personally received the summons and the court ordered no restrictions on remarriage.

If the court granted the divorce without formal notice to the defendant apart from a newspaper announcement, any remarriage within the two-year waiting period could be voidable. If no one withdraws the divorce, the remarriage becomes valid after two years.

However, the remarriage can immediately become valid if the other party dies during the waiting period, considering that it did not involve the deceased’s property rights.

Other things to avoid

Rules during divorce proceedings differ from state to state, so you should be careful with what you do during this crucial time. Aside from remarrying under the wrong circumstances, avoiding the following could help you prevent any mistakes:

  • Allowing your emotions to get the better of you
  • Agreeing to all your former spouse’s divorce terms blindly
  • Failing to check and verify financial disclosures from both parties

Life after divorce can become a more challenging ordeal than going through the process itself. However, your divorce decree’s restrictions and terms can significantly impact your future.

You should review your legal rights and options to reach an arrangement that satisfies both parties. When in doubt, seek legal counsel to help you navigate your divorce, including complicated topics such as child custody, property division and remarriage.