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How can you remain close to your kids as a long-distance coparent?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Child Custody

To be away from your children can be painful for everyone. You may worry about how to stay close to your kid or keep the bond you have intact. Fortunately, according to Military OneSource, there are ways you can stay close to your children, even when you have to be miles away.

Nowadays, technology makes it easy to be a part of your kids’ lives, no matter where you are.

Use technology for communication

Use whatever technology you have available to talk to your kids regularly. Text and message one another throughout the day and use video chat options. Even when you are far apart, it can help to have face-to-face conversations through different video chat platforms. Use phone calls as often as possible. If you live in a different time zone, plan for times that work for your kids. After all, you do not want to wake your child up in the middle of the night for a conversation.

Record yourself when you can. Record yourself reading to your children or talking to them about your day. Let them see what you do while you are away.

Use video games and television to bond over a distance

You may want to try to watch the same TV shows or play video games with your children when you have free time. You can use streaming services to watch the same shows one another. Some games allow you to play with friends and family in different places. Remind them that you will be there for them even when your kid does not want to spend time with you or sounds upset because you cannot be there.

When maintaining a relationship over a long distance, be open to hearing your children’s negative thoughts and feelings about what happened. Always make them feel safe opening up to you.