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Important reasons to check your driving record

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Traffic Violations

After a police officer pulls you over and cites you for a traffic violation on an Indiana road, you might decide to contest the ticket. Pleading guilty to a traffic offense may get the ordeal over with, but you will likely pay a fine and receive points on your driving record. Keeping points off your record, however, is something worth considering.

Racking up too many points could lead to a suspension of your driving license. In the event you decide to contest your traffic offense in an Indiana court, checking your driving record after the court rules on your case may help you keep unnecessary points off your record.

After a not guilty verdict

Say that your efforts to defend yourself in court have proven successful and you receive a not guilty verdict. This does not mean state authorities might not place points on your record anyway.

According to I Drive Safely, sometimes government employees make mistakes. They might receive the wrong notification about your case and think that a court found you guilty. A review of your record may uncover mistakes that you can ask the state to remove before they cause damage to your driving record.

After a guilty verdict

Fighting a traffic ticket might not go your way. Despite your efforts, a court finds you guilty. If so, checking your record may still be important. Indiana state employees could commit an error by allocating more points than you deserve to your driving record.

Reviewing your driving record may be of similar help if you are a Kentucky resident and have to deal with traffic charges in that state. Also, consider checks of your record if you successfully appeal a traffic conviction or if you complete government-approved measures to clear points from your record. Such actions might help you avoid the unnecessary loss of your driving privileges.