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How Kentucky residents expunge DUI misdemeanors

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Expungements

In Kentucky, your first DUI results in a misdemeanor. DUI offenses remain on your criminal record, even if the court dismisses the case. Unfortunately, your employer can find the records of your DUI charge no matter how hard you try to remove the evidence. However, Kentucky employers cannot discriminate against employees who have an expunged DUI on their record.

If you received a DUI, continue reading to learn more about the expungement process. There is no guarantee for a successfully dropped DUI misdemeanor, but you have options to consider.


First, you should know the disqualifiers for expungement. The main concern for DUI offenders is a prior record. You cannot have a DUI on your record within the previous five years. Additionally, you cannot have a prior felony conviction. More than three DUI offenses within five years result in a felony charge.

Look-back period

Recently, Kentucky increased its look-back period for expunging a misdemeanor. Now, in addition to the five years between DUI convictions, you must wait five years after the probationary period. So, the gap between your DUI misdemeanor and expungement is ten years. This is a long time, but the benefits of expungement are worth it. Do not endanger your future employment with further DUI convictions.

Kentucky residents have a powerful legal right to dismiss charges from their criminal record. Unfortunately, many people do not even realize they have the option. If you have a DUI misdemeanor, start working towards removing the charge from your record and move on from the stigma.