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Are ignition interlock devices mandatory in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | DUI Defense

Ignition interlock devices are becoming a common tool courts use against individuals convicted of drunk driving. However, the installation and maintenance of the devices can be expensive. For that reason, few states make them mandatory.

Kentucky does not mandate the use of ignition interlock devices, but the state does have a program that allows you to get one so that you can restore your driving privileges if you have a DUI conviction.

IID explained

An IID is a device that locks your ignition, so you cannot start your vehicle until you complete and pass an alcohol breath test. The device includes the analyzer. If you are not intoxicated, the vehicle will start once you complete the test. If it detects more than 0.02 blood alcohol, the car will not start.

IID program explained

The IID program allows you to apply for a device after a DUI conviction. The state used to not allow first-time offenders access to the program, but that changed in 2020. Now, if the court approves, you are eligible. You will become eligible once the court sends all the documentation to the program, which may take a little time.

You must complete an application and provide documentation to apply for the program. You can do this by fax, email, or at a licensing office. You also must pay all fees and complete installation through an approved vendor. You will need to return the installation certificate to the driving license office as proof. The office will alert you when you can remove the device. You should not remove it before receiving this notification.

Using an IID is voluntary and only available if the court approves. You must meet all requirements of the program to remain eligible.