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What can I do if my spouse wants a divorce but I do not?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Divorce

Often, when a couple faces problems in their marriage, both individuals are on the same page about splitting up. Sometimes, though, the fact that one spouse wants a divorce comes as a surprise to the other spouse.

If your spouse has asked for a divorce, but you would rather work on the relationship, try sitting down with your spouse and discussing whether he or she is willing to try any alternatives to get the marriage back on track.

Counseling or therapy

If your partner wants a divorce, there are likely serious issues in the relationship that need fixing. Couples therapy or counseling may help you address and fix any problems. Individual counseling can also be beneficial.

Postnuptial agreement

According to MarketWatch, approximately 50% of all American couples argue about their finances. If irresponsible spending habits or mismatched financial philosophies are the cause of your rift, a postnuptial agreement could provide your spouse with peace of mind to give the relationship another chance.

Trial separation

Neither Kentucky nor Indiana requires a legal separation period before filing for divorce. However, you may want to discuss a voluntary separation period. Combining this alternative with counseling may give you both the space you need to evaluate the relationship with a clear head.

In the end, both Kentucky and Indiana are no-fault states, which means that one spouse can get a divorce even if the other does not want to. If your spouse wants to move forward with the divorce, you should ready yourself. You do not want to be at a disadvantage just because the split is not your idea.