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What is found in your driving record when you get a DUI?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Drunk Driving, DUI, DUI Defense

Your driving record is an account of all violations you have had. While the record is permanent, it does change over time. The licensing bureau maintains it and can alter it by removing infractions after a certain time period.

Indiana Code stipulates what information is in your driving record. There are certain provisions that apply to what must go in the report if you get a DUI charge.

General information

The general information in your record includes any violations, such as speeding tickets. It will not include nonmoving violations, such as parking tickets. It will also have marks if you get caught driving without insurance coverage.

The bureau will also record any administrative penalties it imposes on you, such as fines. Suspensions and revocations are also on your record. The bureau will note reinstatements, too.


While some of the general information in your driving record, such as suspensions and penalties, will also apply if you get a DUI. One specific entry that applies only to a DUI situation is if the court orders you to use an ignition interlock device. You will have a notation on your record that if you drive, it must be in a vehicle equipped with one of these devices.

Many authorities will use your driving record. Insurance companies will also consider it when quoting you rates and making decisions about insuring you. Officers can see it when they pull you over, and judges will get a copy if you have to go to court for a driving-related offense. Your record can impact many aspects, from insurance rates to court decisions in future matters.