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Will bird nesting work for you?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Child Custody

When looking through co-parenting options, you have likely come across the term “bird nesting”. This unique housing situation has helped numerous families of divorce especially in recent years, and it may even help you, too.

However, it is important to understand all aspects of bird-nesting before settling on it as an option.

Finding temporary housing

Psychology Today examines bird’s nest co-parenting arrangements. It involves your child remaining in the family home, with you and your co-parent taking turns living there with them. This provides them the stability of familiar living spaces and keeps them from having to adjust to a totally new situation.

This arrangement works best if you and your co-parent have the ability to find or afford additional temporary housing. You may want to see if you have any friends or relatives nearby willing to give you a room for short stays. If not, you could consider temporary living accommodations like motels or hostels. You may even have the finances to afford a second dwelling, such as a studio apartment.

Your status with your co-parent

In addition to the finances, you also need a baseline of trust and communication with your co-parent. This does not mean that the two of you have to get along perfectly. However, you should trust one another to stay alone in the family home with your child, and know that everything within the walls will receive the respect and care that it deserves.

If this option sounds right for you, consider talking about it in greater detail with legal help. This way, you can go into the arrangement with a good idea of how it will work for you.