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How can your children stress during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Blog, Divorce

When it comes to a divorce, your children may begin to show signs of stress and frustration as time goes on.

Minimizing conflict can help you all to avoid the toll that divorce often takes on unprepared children or teens.

Communicate clearly

According to Psychology Today, staying open to discussing issues or worries as a family is one way to build resilience during an impactful life change. The more stress a child feels, the more likely he or she will struggle with anxiety or depression in daily life.

Talking about future plans, such as where he or she will live after the divorce, can help reduce worry in younger members of the family. Being direct and honest when discussing these matters also helps avoid confusion.

Plan ahead

Crafting a co-parenting plan with your ex-spouse is one way to reduce conflict. This can help you prevent future disagreements before they even happen, like arguments about where your children will spend the holidays.

Some common mental health issues in adolescents include struggling with social activity and worse grades in school as time goes on. Noticing these signs before they become a larger problem is one way to reduce stress for everyone.

Stay firm with boundaries

While it may feel tempting to relax your discipline after a divorce, this approach can actually harm your children since they do not know what to expect. Since so many parts of life are changing, children need rules and boundaries more than ever, such as a steady bedtime.

This level of consistency leads to a better relationship and less stress about the future.