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Do not make these common mistakes after a traffic stop

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2021 | Blog, Traffic Violations

Seeing police lights in your rear-view may cause panic, even if you have done nothing wrong. The nerves may take over when pulled over, and you may make some mistakes that prove detrimental.

The law requires the police to act within parameters during traffic stops. Even so, your behavior during the encounter may hurt or help you. Discover some of the most common errors made during a stop.

Moving around

When police officers make a stop, they utilize their sensory skills to size up the driver. While nerves are normal when dealing with the police, some behavior increases. If you appear jittery and keep moving around in the vehicle, the police may feel like you have something to hide. They may take further steps to detain you if they believe you are a danger.

Becoming difficult

Another mistake drivers make is becoming belligerent with the police. Even if you do not believe the officer had the right to stop you, you should not become aggressive or refuse to cooperate with reasonable requests. Doing this will alert the police that perhaps you have a reason to behave in this way.

Allowing a search

A big mistake you may make during a traffic stop is forgetting your Fourth Amendment rights. The police may request to search your vehicle, you can refuse. Allowing the police access to your car may turn up unintentional evidence against you. For example, if you had a passenger in your vehicle at some point, he or she may have left something illegal without your knowledge.

Whether you feel you did something wrong or not may matter should your behavior during a traffic stop warrant charges. As such, you should remain calm and cooperate, but remember you have the right to remain silent.