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How do I make decisions now that will affect my life (and my children) a decade from now?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Child Custody, Divorce

There are many aspects to consider during a divorce that will affect your life and your children’s lives. Navigating decisions regarding your custody arrangement, parenting time and child support can be difficult, emotional and unpleasant.

In Kentucky, the courts determine parental obligations based on what they believe is most beneficial for your children. Understanding the factors that influence your case helps you make decisions during the divorce process.

The time you spend with your children

If you move out and leave your children behind, the courts may view this unfavorably. Even if you move to avoid conflict or a harmful situation, a judge looks at how your behavior reflects your desire to spend time with your children.

The location of your house

If you decide to move out, the proximity of your home affects your case. The courts aim to maintain stability for your children as much as possible. If you are nearby, you are more likely to get significant parenting time.

The ability to provide for your child

If you are crashing on your friend’s couch or partying often, a judge will not likely view you as someone who will provide a stable environment for your children. Create a safe, clean and secure home, and do not spend time with people a court may deem undesirable.

The way you behave

You are less likely to get the parental agreement you want if you badmouth your spouse or refuse to cooperate with them.

The decisions you make now affect your children’s future as well as your own. Knowing your rights and the legal process helps you choose wisely.