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How can you reduce stress while co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2021 | Divorce

Trying to recover from and move on after a divorce can lead to restless nights and long days. This can be even worse when your children depend on you for help and emotional support.

Stress is common for co-parents during a divorce, but learning how to manage it can help you thrive.

Mind your conversations

According to Healthline, you should always keep your conversations with your ex-spouse polite but brief. Never blame or instigate a fight about past issues. Staying businesslike and formal is one way to avoid any more stressful arguments.

Take care to not involve a third party in your discussions, since that can often lead to miscommunication. Do not ask a friend or family member to talk to your ex-spouse for you.

Plan ahead

Whether you are planning for summer vacation or winter break, you both should know where your children are staying months before the day comes. Exchanging contact information is important so that you both know where to call in case of an emergency.

Talking about holiday schedules in advance reduces the need for any hurried last-minute plans or arguments.

Look to the future

After a divorce, there may be lingering hurt feelings over past issues. For the sake of your children, it is important to avoid bringing up old disagreements or problems.

Staying focused on the health, schooling and well-being of your children is something you both have in common. Not only can this focus reduce your feelings of stress about co-parenting, but it also encourages you to cooperate in order to find better solutions to any problems.