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Texas Senate approves bill that shifts truck accident liability

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Firm News

Trucking accidents and collisions often involve severe impacts and injuries due to the increased size of these vehicles. These accidents risk high damage costs for both the vehicles and physical safety of everyone involved.

Recently, Texas legislators approved a bill designed to shift liability to drivers rather than employers.

Fairness on the roads

According to KXAN News, a near-unanimous vote on a House Bill 19 amendment passed earlier this May. This legislation, pushed by the trucking industry, would allegedly ensure that the rules of the road apply fairly in all cases.

Under the legislation, the drivers of commercial vehicles would bear the liability for accidents involving them — separate from their employer.

The report claims the trucking industry pushed this legislation as a result of frivolous lawsuits that created an unsustainable business model.

Those seeking compensation for damages from an employer rather than a driver would need to prove that the trucking company was grossly negligent with training and policies.

Outcry against the amendment claimed that the Senate was paving the way for the largest corporations to give them a free pass. Concerns include its effects on drivers and consumers.

Compensation for victims

Those involved in any accident involving serious personal injury and a commercial vehicle not only have a lot to deal with the paperwork and filing, but must do so under the immense physical, emotional and financial burden the injury may put them under.

This bill changes things up — namely how accident victims need to contend with insurance and damages. Proving whether the fault is on the driver or on the company is a complex process. But it deserves a thorough investigation to ensure that victims get the compensation they need.