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What contributes to gray divorce?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2021 | Divorce

If you are over the age of 50, you may have never imagined divorce later in life. Still, many other couples face the same trials as you. In the last 30 years, the number of people seeking a gray divorce doubled.

According to Psychology Today, several factors contribute to gray divorce.


You may have believed the common misconception that lower-income persons have an increased likelihood of staying together. Many assume that they stay together because of the financial stress when apart. The reality is that more affluent people may fear losing assets or wealth. Likewise, they may be able to weather the bad times with more ease than someone who also has financial stress. Higher-income people have a higher likelihood of gray divorce.

Previous marriages

If you had a previous marriage, you have a higher likelihood of asking for a divorce. If a Baby Boomer married once before, he or she might be twice as likely to divorce after 50. For those who married less than 10 years prior, the likelihood increases by 10 times.

Old issues

Odds are, you will not feel like your gray divorce happened out of nowhere. When you look back on your life together, can you see the signs? There may be signs reaching back decades. Sometimes, couples remain together for their children. While many people experience surprise when an older couple divorces, there are many cases where they planted the seeds of failure years before.

Resentment can fester for years, leading to late-in-life divorce. While many grieve the end of a marriage, particularly later in life, you may also benefit from many positives.