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How do you navigate a DUI charge on job applications?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Firm News

Thankfully, you reduced your DUI sentence with help from a legal professional. Still, the mark remains on your criminal record, which you fear may negatively affect your job search.

Chron offers insights into attaining employment with a drunk driving charge. Understand how to keep your encounter with law enforcement from hampering your job search.

Check your background

Before submitting applications, put yourself in an employer’s shoes and run a background check on yourself. Check your criminal record, as it may contain errors, outdated information or another person’s criminal charge. Clear up discrepancies so you have one less hurdle to clear while trying to get a job.

Time your reveal

You do not have to mention your DUI as soon as possible. Instead, wait until the hiring manager becomes invested in having you join the team. Timing the news gives the company time to learn more about you as a professional and the knowledge and contributions you offer.

Stay truthful

Because employers may easily look into an applicant’s background, do not lie or omit the truth of your DUI charge. Depending on the company, it may not matter that you have a criminal record, especially if you give the impression that you learned from what happened and want to improve your life. If you lie, the recruiter may dismiss you as a candidate because you hid the truth, not because you have a criminal past.

Explain what happened

While breaking down your drunk driving charge, describe the personal circumstances that led to your arrest. Perhaps you were not in a healthy headspace, or maybe you felt pressured to drink more than you felt comfortable with. Either way, share your situation and how you use it to change your life for the better.

A DUI does not exclude you from every job opening. By understanding your rights, you equip yourself to protect your rights.