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Keeping divorce from hurting your career aspirations

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2021 | Divorce

As you rebuild your life after divorce, you may find that your job remains one of the only reliable parts of your life. Having a good job can help you regain your financial independence, but it can also provide an outlet for you to use your skills and interact with like-minded people. 

Keeping your divorce from interfering with your work can help you protect your career aspirations. Separating your relationship unrest from your professional commitments is a great starting point. 

Build your network

Just because your marriage has come to an end does not mean your professional relationships need to suffer. Build your network and look for ways to socialize and collaborate with other professionals who share your same interests. According to Indeed, networking can help you refocus your career if you feel like your vision has slipped while dealing with personal issues. 

If you desire to improve your skills, consider working with a mentor. You can get advice about how to be more effective in your job. You can learn about other competencies and identify areas of interest within your field of expertise. Another option is to work with a therapist to set boundaries and gain insight into healthy ways to cope with your situation without it affecting your job. 

Set goals

One of the most powerful ways to maintain focus on your career aspirations is to set both personal and professional goals. Look for opportunities that your divorce has created for you to further your career and improve your professional influence. 

In helping you emotionally recover from divorce, look for new skills you want to develop. This strategy can not only provide a healthy distraction but allow you to improve your marketability and competitiveness as well.