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Underage DUI laws in Kentucky 

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | DUI

Can you really get a DUI for one drink? Many people assume you can’t. They know that the legal limit to drive is a BAC of 0.08%. If they have one beer after work or a glass of wine with dinner, they feel like it’s fine to drive since they aren’t over that legal limit. 

If you’re under 21, though, you need to remember that the same BAC limit doesn’t apply to you. While you may have been able to legally drive for nearly five years, you cannot legally drink at all. To combat underage drinking, the law sets the BAC limit at just 0.02%

What this means is that you can definitely hit 0.02% or go over it after just one drink. The idea behind the low limit is the “zero tolerance” policy around underage drinking. A 20-year-old’s BAC should always be 0.00% if he or she is obeying the law. If it gets up to 0.02%, it’s clear that the person has already broken the law by drinking in the first place, and they then broke it again by drinking and driving. That’s why the state takes this so seriously and has strict penalties. 

However, that also means you could find yourself in legal trouble without realizing it. Maybe someone spiked your drink with a splash of alcohol. It was so minor you didn’t notice the taste and you never felt drunk, but you still clocked a 0.02% for BAC. Now you’re facing DUI charges when you never anticipated doing anything wrong. Be sure you know exactly what defense options you have.