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Why does divorce decline during the summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Divorce

When you look at divorce statistics, there are two major spikes during the year. The first is in February and the second is in August. There is a massive decline in the late fall, and almost no one gets divorced in December. 

That said, the greatest period in which cases are steady at a lower level is between these spikes. The summer months do still see more divorces than December — people just don’t end their marriages often around Christmas — but there is a consistent decline from the spring. The rates go through a valley all summer and climb again at the beginning of fall. Why does this happen?

There are a lot of things to unpack here, but one major reason is just the school schedule. Couples who knew that they wanted to get divorced around Christmas put it off until February or March, but then they get it over with. In June, the children don’t have school, and couples start delaying again. They wait through the summer and then in late August and early September, when school starts again, they get divorced. 

Parents have their own reasons for doing this, and insulating the kids from divorce may play a role. A lot of it is just time, though. Summer gets busy with the kids home, balancing jobs and vacations and activities. Things settle down in the fall and parents have more time to themselves, when they can sit down and seriously discuss divorce. 

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