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An ignition interlock device is a privilege, not a punishment

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | DUI

After getting arrested for impaired driving involving alcohol, you will face criminal consequences including jail time and fines. You will also likely have your license suspended as a means of protecting the public and penalizing irresponsible behavior.

Many adults in Kentucky can’t reasonably maintain their lives without a license. They may have children who depend on them for transportation to school, social events or even medical appointments. Even if they don’t have minor dependents, most adults have a job that requires them to commute to work.

People in Kentucky dealing with impaired driving charges potentially have the right to request a restricted license to return to the road. Doing so will require the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID).

The whole point of ignition interlock installation is preventing recidivism

Those who commit certain criminal offenses are more likely than those who commit other specific crimes to repeat the same mistake in the future. Drunk driving is one of the more common criminal offenses that can also have a high rate of recidivism. Some people can receive multiple impaired driving charges throughout their adult life.

By mandating the installation of an IID for anyone requesting a hardship or restricted license in Kentucky, the state helps reduce the likelihood that someone who has recently gotten arrested for impaired driving will commit the same offense again.

Although it may seem frustrating to have to pay for the installation of the IID, subject yourself to testing every time you drive and pay for maintenance on the device, the alternative is going a long time without the right to drive at all.

Proper use of an IID and restricted license set you up for success

When you receive a restricted license, one of the limitations on your driving privileges will be a requirement that you only drive vehicles with an IID installed. Although you could theoretically borrow a vehicle from a friend or loved one, if you get caught driving on a restricted license in a vehicle without an IID, you can lose your restricted license and possibly face additional consequences.

Following the proper protocol and properly performing the tests required on your IID will demonstrate that you understand the importance of sober driving and also that you have not attempted to drive again with alcohol in your body.