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Kentucky state representative facing DUI charges

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | DUI

Derek Lewis, a Kentucky state representative for the Republican party, who serves District 90, is facing DUI charges after getting arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

The arrest happened early in the morning on Thursday, April 16. Per reports, the man and his truck had left the road and were sitting up against a split-rail fence. The vehicle was in a culvert. The man apparently climbed out of the passenger door to talk to the officers when they arrived. Though the pavement was level, they say he fell into the vehicle and appeared very unsteady on his feet.

After observing this and other signs of intoxication, the officers told the man they wanted him to do field sobriety tests. He refused and told them to call the sheriff. He refused again and allegedly began belligerently swearing at the officers and telling them he would not do what they wanted.

The officers then arrested him and took him back to the station. They wanted to do a blood test, but he refused that as well. He wound up spending about five hours there and then paying bond to get out.

For those in high-profile careers, a DUI arrest can have far more drastic ramifications than just fines, a lost license and even jail time. It could mean the end of a political career, for instance, or it could at least make it far harder to get elected. For others, such as commercial drivers, it can mean the loss of a license. For professional athletes, it could mean getting cut from the team. Those with so much to lose need to know what legal defense options they have.