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Facing DUI charges as a bus driver

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | DUI

When someone is charged with driving under the influence, there are many different issues to take into consideration. However, the impact on their career is often one of the most damaging aspects of a DUI case. For some people, such as those who drive buses, these allegations permanently shatter their ability to work in this capacity ever again. Moreover, many other consequences arise for bus drivers who are charged with driving under the influence (especially if they face charges related to driving drunk while on the job). 

For starters, there are different types of bus drivers. Some people drive school buses, while others drive buses around a community or operate a tour bus and drive long distances. For many people in this position, the allegations result in the termination of their position and prevent them from continuing their careers afterward. As a result, major life questions arise and people often face high levels of financial uncertainty (not to mention a damaging blow to their reputation). 

Even when someone is barely over the legal limit, driving drunk while operating a bus is very serious. Furthermore, various factors sometimes affect these cases, such as faulty breathalyzers. Also, those who are charged with operating a vehicle while drunk during their time off also face challenges related to their careers, especially if they are a bus driver or operate a vehicle as part of their job duties. Please explore our DUI section to go over more on accusations of driving under the influence and some of the legal strategies that are available to many people facing charges.