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Ways to manage the divorce process

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Divorce, Firm News

Marriages do not always end in death. Many couples get married with good intentions of staying together only to end up in divorce court. If you feel that your relationship is no longer salvageable and that putting a legal end to it is necessary, filing for divorce should be on your agenda.

Because separations often become messy, you may want to take some time to prepare yourself for the divorce process. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind:

Preparation is necessary

Start thinking about how you want your divorce to play out. If you want to avoid unnecessary drama and save time and money, start getting your financial affairs in order. Establish ownership of all accounts and assets. Gather bank account and credit card statements and tax returns. Once you file for divorce, you will need to provide the courts with a full accounting of all assets and accounts.

Self-care is important

Your emotional and physical health can affect your divorce outcome. Try not to neglect yourself while going through the separation process. Stay active and social. Do not isolate yourself from others or spend too much time thinking about your divorce situation during your leisure time. Divorce is often a very stressful event that becomes easier to manage when you practice self-care to make the changes that are occurring more manageable.

Focus on the future

The decisions you make now will determine your future. You may feel ready to agree to anything your spouse offers during the negotiations to speed things along. Before you consent to anything, weigh the pros and cons and consider the impact it could have on your post-divorce life. If it does not benefit you, or if it creates challenges, offer a counter solution or decline and ask for what you want and feel you deserve. During negotiations, be considerate of your former partner’s situation and needs. Depending on what they are, you may be able to use them to help strengthen your bargaining power and improve your divorce outcome.

Divorce is not always pleasant. However, the effort you put into preparing for the process, caring for yourself and protecting your interests may have a beneficial impact on your situation.