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Co-parenting is not realistic for everyone

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Child Custody, Divorce

Even under the best possible circumstances, divorce can be difficult. Although a Kentucky couple may agree that beginning a new life living apart is the right path, issues such as property division and spousal support often trigger disagreement, but child custody and support present issues that can last well into the future. Ultimately, cooperation on some level must be arrived at, but some individuals are so unrealistic and selfish that there is little room for conciliation and compromise.

Family counseling professionals agree that co-parenting, where mutuality of respect, concurrence on core child-raising issues, and civility can be achieved, is the best possible scenario for children of divorce. Some marital relationships have so deteriorated, however, that those goals are unattainable. Still, the two parties remain bound to each other as parents of their children and some contact between the two must inevitably occur. In many instances, the same personality issues with one party that causes conflict with the post-divorce issues were responsible for the failure of the marriage in the first place.

Where this is the case, the other parent cannot hope to have a co-parenting relationship with his or her ex-spouse but must realize what is referred to as parallel parenting is the only course. It is possible to limit conflict by having as little contact as possible with the ex, having well- structured and clearly defined rules for the children, and being a role model the children can look to and be proud of. Always see the big picture and recognize the children should have both parents in their lives where possible.

Once a divorce is finalized, unresolved problems may arise. An experienced family law attorney might provide legal counsel to determine the best course of action for all concerned.