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What parents and teens should know about underage DUI laws in KY

On Behalf of | May 26, 2019 | Firm News

As a parent, you try your best to protect your teenager. But there is always a possibility that he or she will get into trouble with the law. The last thing you want is your son or daughter to face underage DUI charges, but there is a chance it can happen.

You should be ready to teach your teen about the reality of drunk driving, including the dangers, penalties and importance of having legal defense. Here are some important facts you and your teen should know about underage drunk driving charges in Kentucky.

BAC limit

The BAC limit for drivers 21 and older is 0.08, but it is significantly lower for minors. Underage motorists can face DUI charges with a BAC of only 0.02. While this is stricter, it is not as extreme as other states. Plenty of other states have “zero tolerance” laws that can penalize underage drivers for having any detectable amount of alcohol in their system.

Criminal punishments

An underage driver with a BAC between 0.02 and 0.07 may face the following penalties:

  • Fines from $100 to $500
  • Attendance of an alcohol abuse program
  • License suspension from 30 days to six months
  • Community service

But the consequences are harsher for drivers with a higher BAC. An underage driver with a BAC of 0.08 or above may face jail time from 48 hours to 30 days.

Other consequences

Teens with DUI convictions may face problems with job and educational opportunities. Some colleges take disciplinary action against students who break the law. A DUI conviction may impact scholarships. This can seriously impede the ability to earn higher education and career advancement.

How to stop your teen from drinking and driving

There are many strategies you can employ to keep your child out of trouble. You can set a clear rule against drinking and driving, including frank discussions about the consequences, including possible physical harm and death. It also helps to not have liquor readily available.