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Prenuptial tips for a second marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | Divorce

Prenuptial agreements are often a topic of discussion for Kentucky newlyweds. Dealing with the merging of property can be difficult for people getting married for the first time. However, property issues are typically far more complicated for partners getting married for a second time later in life. Adults in their 50s and 60s usually have far more property to deal with than couples getting married in their early 20s.

There are lots of reasons why a prenup makes sense in a second marriage. The costs of supporting a retired or elderly spouse can be enormous. There can also be unique disagreements on how to deal with estate issues in merged families. Merged families often require a tricky balancing act between the needs of the new spouse and the kids from the first marriage. Disagreements regarding these issues are a common cause of divorce.

Many of the problems associated with the division of marital property can be resolved ahead of time through a prenup. Couples can make plans for retirement and determine how assets will be split if one or both spouses pass away. It’s also a good time to discuss how income and budgeting will work now and into the future.

Having a written agreement that puts these decisions down on paper can be helpful for many people entering into a second marriage. In addition, it may be wise for a couple to discuss their options with an experienced Kentucky divorce attorney. By going over their options with an attorney, the couple will have the opportunity to air any concerns and ensure that every base is covered before a written agreement is ever finalized.