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More divorces for spouses with unequal physical attractiveness

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Divorce

For the most part, people in Kentucky have an innate sense of how attractive they are compared to others. Research indicates that most people seek partners of relatively the same level of physical attractiveness. This approach might set them up for eventual success in marriage because studies show that men with wives with better looks than them have a greater risk of divorce.

A social psychology professor explained that surveys have revealed a lower level of commitment among wives who are more attractive than their husbands. Researchers have identified some reasons for the reduced relationship success between mismatched spouses. Attractive women might flirt more often with others, and their less-attractive spouses might experience jealousy.

A closer examination of the phenomenon paints a complex picture. Newlywed men in one survey reported feeling happier when they had more attractive wives. They were attentive to their wives and willing to help them solve problems. Another study of married couples concluded that unequally attractive partners might be insulated from the greater risk of divorce if they had been friends or acquaintances for a long time before dating.

Every marriage combines unique personality elements that might play a role in the decision to end it. The emotional motivations for a divorce vary among people, but any person who wants a divorce will need to navigate the legal system. A consultation with a family law attorney could provide a person with answers about what documents must be completed for the court and how the law might determine the division of property. After informing the person about legal issues, an attorney could guide the person through the process.