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Law enforcement targeting traffic violators to make drug busts

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2019 | Traffic Violations

Individuals driving through Kentucky should be aware that simple traffic violations could escalate into much more serious charges if they happen to be transporting drugs. For example, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office recently announced that law enforcement officers arrested three people traveling on I-75 within hours of each other. They were each allegedly carrying drugs in their vehicles.

According to a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office, I-75 is a “major thoroughfare” for trafficking drugs between the Northern U.S. and the South, and Scott County is home to 22 miles of the interstate. In addition, several miles of I-64 run through the county. In an effort to identify possible drug traffickers, deputies have been pulling over drivers who commit traffic violations or have infractions such as broken tail lights. Once the vehicles are pulled over, deputies assess whether there is any reason to suspect the drivers or passengers are transporting drugs. If so, the vehicles and occupants are searched.

On Jan. 15, deputies took three people into custody for allegedly carrying illegal drugs in their vehicles. The arrests took place during three separate traffic stops. One female defendant is accused of carrying heroin on her person, another female defendant is accused of having pills and cocaine wrapped in a lottery ticket, and one male defendant is accused of hiding heroin in soda cans.

people who have been charged with traffic violations could be forced to pay fines and have points added to their driving record. However, an attorney who handles these types of infractions could review the case and work to obtain a better outcome.

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