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3 tips for avoiding a repeat DUI conviction during the holidays

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Firm News

If you have an existing DUI conviction on your criminal record, you know how much trouble it can cause for your life. However, that may not necessarily prevent you from drinking and driving again. The temptation to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel can be strong, even if you know the consequences.

According to recent statistics, approximately 75 percent of people with drunk driving convictions are repeat offenders. The probability of you getting behind bars again may be even higher during the holidays. Here is how to stop yourself from getting another charge.

1. Be open with your friends and family

You may not want to admit you have a problem, but it is crucial to inform people you trust. Tell your close relatives or friends that you need help during the holidays. Make sure someone is always ready to pick you up from a party so you do not have the temptation to drive after drinking. The holidays are a time for giving and being close with loved ones. The people around you want to support you more than you realize.

2. Download a ridesharing app

Apps for your smartphone like Uber and Lyft can be lifesavers. If you do not have either of these apps on your phone yet, be sure to change that. It takes just a few minutes to set up your profile and payment settings. Once you have a ridesharing app, a safe ride home is just a few taps away.

3. Eat while you drink

While it is important to resist the urge to drink and drive, eating food at parties can help reduce the effects of alcohol. When you consume food, your body will absorb alcohol slower. This slows down and minimizes the intoxicating effect of alcohol. Holiday parties always have plenty of food to go around, so do not shy away from it.