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Divorce doesn’t get easier to manage with age

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2018 | Divorce

Research indicates that women who come from divorced families are 60 percent more likely to go through a divorce themselves. For men who come from divorced families, it’s 35 percent. Kentucky couples who have beaten the odds by staying married until they reach an older age need to be acutely aware of these risks. That’s because divorce has become more socially acceptable and common, and this is especially true for couples past the age of 60.

The phenomenon that describes divorce for older couples has been coined the grey divorce revolution. Some experts on the topic have suggested that increased divorce rates rise for this age group due to many life transitions, including empty nest syndrome and retirement. Others say, however, that this correlation isn’t very convincing, citing the main cause of divorce being dissatisfaction in the relationship. The same reason that younger couples decide to separate.

Unfortunately, divorce even at older age can have a major impact on people that know the couple. Research shows that married friends of women who recently divorce at much more likely to divorce themselves in the near future. Separation can also have an impact on adult children who start questioning that status of their own relationships. Grey divorce is also believed to be one of the primary contributors of loneliness among the elderly.

No matter how old each ex-spouse happens to be in a divorce, it may be wise for each party to get representation from a family law practice. A lot can be at stake even if children are grown, especially in financial terms. Each party has the right to protect their own interests with support and guidance from a lawyer. In many situations, agreements can be made outside of court, but an appearance before a judge may be necessary.