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Making parenting schedules that work for all

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Child Custody

Creating an effective parenting schedule is an important part of making sure children feel supported after a divorce. By working together to create a schedule, parents in Kentucky can demonstrate that they are putting the kids first.

Parents should try to see the situation from the children’s point of view. When preparing the schedule, there are a number of factors parents need to take into account, including whether the children have special needs, how the kids will get to school, the distance between the parents’ homes and any extracurricular activities. The parenting schedule may turn out to be inconvenient at times for both parents, but it is important to keep the focus on the child’s needs. If there is a regular babysitter the child is used to, it may help if parents can continue to employ that person. This will help provide a little continuity.

The parenting schedule is not an opportunity for one parent to score points on the other. Even if one parent has been the main caregiver, there is no reason the other cannot step up and learn similar skills. Parents can try the schedule for a few weeks and change it if it’s not working out.

One advantage of having a formal parenting schedule in place is that it gives parents a tool to use if the ex is not heeding the terms of the agreement. For example, if one parent is always late returning the children or is trying to block access to the kids, the other parent may be able to return to court to seek a legal remedy. A parent is obligated to honor the terms of the agreement even if the other parent is behind on child support.