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The uses of a parenting agreement

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Child Custody

When Kentucky parents of young children divorce, they may need to create a parenting agreement. In such a document, parents put into writing their agreements on a number of topics including a visitation schedule, where the child will go to school, who will be responsible for the child’s medical care, who the child will spend which holidays with and any other concerns the parents have.

The agreement can be as detailed as parents want to make it. If they are unable to negotiate an agreement themselves, their attorneys might be able to do it for them. One way to think of the parenting plan is as a document in which parents are able to set expectations for one another regarding their children.

Making a parenting plan legally binding can help protect parents if one violates its terms. A judge may have the option to modify the agreement if necessary.

Custody, visitation and child support agreements may all be subject to modification under certain circumstances. Custody and visitation might need to be modified because of the child’s or a parent’s schedule. If a parent wants to relocate and this will make it difficult for the other parent to see the child, the parents may need to go to court and the relocation might not be approved. If a parent who pays child support has a significant change in income, the support amount might be altered. A parent may request more child support if the other parent’s income increases significantly. If the income of a parent who pays support drops, that parent may need to ask for a modification. However, the parent should be aware that the same amount is still owed until the court approves the change.