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Encouraging fathers’ relationships with children after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Divorce

When Kentucky parents get a divorce, the father in particular might have significantly less time with the children. Both parents may need to make a particular effort to ensure that their children maintains a relationship with their father.

This could take sacrifices on the part of both parents. For example, one mother moved 80 miles away from her son’s father. When she did not have a car to take the child to meet his father, the father had to make an extra effort to keep up his relationship with his son. Finally, the mother decided to move closer to the father again. However, this meant she had to leave the home she owned and pay for a costly apartment. Ultimately, the child benefited from what both parents did to help maintain this relationship.

Over 40 percent of first marriages and more than half of second ones end in divorce. This means that many children will be raised by divorced parents. It is important for parents to recognize that even if they believe the other parent is only a mediocre one, this is better for a child than an absent parent. As long as the parent is not abusing or neglecting the child or putting the child’s well-being at stake through actions such as substance abuse, the parent-child relationship should be encouraged.

While negotiating child custody can be difficult, parents should make an effort to put children first. If the divorce is a high-conflict one, they can communicate through their attorneys, but it still may be possible to put a functional co-parenting relationship in place. Parents can also address potential issues that may arise in a parenting plan. This might cover the child’s extracurricular activities, holidays and vacations.