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How divorced parents can give their kids structure

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Child Custody

When Kentucky parents get divorced, they will still likely be required to maintain some sort of relationship while they continue to raise the children. However, effectively raising the children can be difficult when both parents decide to have a different set of house rules. This can be hard for the kids because they may become confused or never know what is expected of them.

One way that parents can work through this problem is to get together and hammer out the house rules that both parents can agree to. The goal is to ultimately create structure and determine, together, what is in the best interests of the child. Topics can include bedtime, homework habits and even what snack items the kids should be allowed to have.

In some cases, working out a common set of rules may involve giving a little to get a little. If both parents are completely inflexible, an agreement will never be reached. Parents who are able to have an amicable discussion with each other should make a list of rules that they feel is most important. They should then be prepared to negotiate on other rules, especially if theys are important to the other parent.

When divorced parents are not able to work together to provide the structure their children so desperately need, they have a few options. In some cases, they could go to a mediator who can help them have a discussion about their children in a neutral setting. If this fails, however, a parent could take the other parent to court to request that the child custody order be modified. A family law attorney could demonstrate that the changes the parent is asking for are beneficial for the children.