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Dealing with a toxic spouse while getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Divorce

When some Kentucky couples decide to get a divorce, they are able to settle quickly and amicably. However, other couples are not able to do so, especially if one spouse has a high-conflict personality. These people often like to drag out court battles and create unnecessary arguments just because they thrive on this conflict. While having a spouse with a high-conflict personality may make the divorce more difficult, there are certain things people can do to make it less toxic.

Those getting a divorce from a high-conflict personality spouse should ensure that they get everything in writing. This means that those who tend to have in-person conversations or have phone calls with their ex should stick to written forms of communication only. This include emails or even using the attorneys to send messages to each other. Getting financial paperwork together as quickly as possible is also recommended as toxic spouses may begin to avoid providing these important documents as the process continues.

In some cases, a restraining order may be necessary if people with high-conflict personalities begin to harass or stalk their estranged partners. For example, if a person begins to send threatening text messages, a temporary restraining order could stop the behavior for the duration of the divorce.

For many estranged couples, going through the divorce process can be an emotional experience, especially if they have spent years building a life together. Some individuals respond by becoming toxic or confrontational, especially if they fear they may lose custody of their children or certain assets like the family home. When this happens, a family law attorney could help a client seek a temporary restraining order and take control of communications until the divorce is finalized.